How to Order?

1. Add to Cart

Find out your desired socks, click sock's image to look detailed information or just simply click Add to Cart.

2. Go to Cart

Click Cart on top menu to see your selected socks.

3. Review order & Check Out

Make sure your listed socks are correct, then click Check Out.

4. Input your ID

Input your name, address, email, and all required detail to make sure your socks are successfully delivered.

5. Choose payment method

a. Bank Transfer : please kindly transfer to CV. Dua Marelika Gemilang | Bank BCA Cabang Muntilan | Account No. 104.745.6789. Payment Confirmation is required.

b. Credit Card : input your card number, expiry date, and CVV number. Your order will be automatically processed and payment confirmation is not required.

6. Payment Confirmation (if via Bank Transfer)

Please share us your receipt's photo / screenshoot via Mobile & Whatsapp:+62812 1167 7884 | Line:marel_socks or Contact Us menu.

7. Delivery

Your order will be processed maximum in 3 x 24 working hours after payment confirmed. Enjoy your new socks! 🙂

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