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For you who care for feet's health

Did you know, a lot of people lying in the hospital and unable to perform its activities because of the problems in the feet? Some diseases that attack and damage the foot of which is elephantiasis , cholesterol, diabetes and leg varicose that physically attacked. Pain in the feet can reduce a lot of our productivity. Therefore, we need to maintain the health of the foot both from within and from outside the body.

Here are some tips that can be used for health care for the feet:

1. Inspect and touch the feet

Checking and touched the feet regularly is one way to detect physiological changes in the feet such as deformation, temperature, thickness, color legs, and feet are cracked and others. With the discovery of strangeness on foot, we can immediately take the necessary action.

2. Wash your feet every day to ensure feet stay clean

Legs need to be washed to keep them clean and to prevent harmful germs. How to wash the feet of the well is washed up into the gaps between the fingers to clean. Then, dry the wet feet because feet will reduce the elasticity of the legs and feet causing cracking and water fleas.

3. Cut the nails regularly

The nails on the toes need to be cut so that the legs protected from germs that enter through the long fingernails. However, we need to be cautious in cutting toenails not too short so that not hurt the skin of the foot

4. Choose footwear with the appropriate size

Choosing the appropriate size footwear can also maintain the health of the foot, such as shoes, if your footwear too narrow it can be scratched otherwise if to large it may cause uncomfortable. Besides to shoes, you can wearing socks, because any use clean socks is also one way to treat leg. Choose socks appropriate activities to be carried, whether for work or exercise. Anyway you can see our socks product on

5. Avoid walking and running barefoot

Walking or running with bare feet would have affected leg risk of sharps which can injure the feet.

6. Lift the foot to the wall after a walk, run or stand for long time is highly recommended

Lift feet on the wall will help accelerate blood circulation. This habit is very comfortable for the feet especially after walking or sports activities. The way to avoid foot from blood clots that lead to varicose or muscle protruding on foot.

So that all our tricks that described above to maintain the health of the foot to prevent the foot from various diseases so that the legs look healthy, beautiful and clean.


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