Date : 02/13/2017 Author : Okta

Kaos Kaki Marel Socks Cara Merawat

High quality socks made with good materials and tested for its durability. Many people assume that high end socks means it will more durable than cheap socks. I will agree but we have to care it too. Generally we could do several simple care such as below :


It's different than washing a cloth. It's better to soak it several minutes with cold or warm water. Don't use hot water, it will spoil your socks instead of killing germs. After several minutes, we can wash it softly by hand and using soft detergent. Stay away from using cloth brush, it will spoil socks elastane and make it looks hairy. After we washed it, wring it softly to keep its elastane in good condition.


Return it to original shape. Dry it in good airflow and cool temperature place but don't expose to direct sunlight to maintain its elastane from going brittle and loose. Just let it dry by airflow if we are not in rush.

Every socks also has its care label on header card / packaging. It's not for decoration but very useful guide to take care your favourite socks. Take care label has common symbol that we have to know. Here is some example of care label symbol.

"Make attention to its care label"

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