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Pattern Socks

Recommended Men's and Woman's Work Socks with the Best Quality and Comfortable on the Feet. Shoes that are worn every day for work cannot be separated from socks. The socks will keep your feet comfortable in the shoe. When working, the socks used must match. Pay attention to the motifs, colors, and material of the socks before buying. Marel Socks gives you a large collection of Pattern Socks for you to wear while working.
Pattern socks meet your needs : # Arch Support: Supports the grooves on the soles of the feet to even out the pressure to the entire surface of the foot makes the foot more balanced and stable # Toe Cushion: Soft cushion to the toe creates comfort which is perfect when working # 3 IN 1 RIB: Maintain the initial position of the socks when used so that the position does not change during activities # Heel Cushion: Protects the heel from friction and supports with a cushion which adds to the comfort while working. Pattern Socks Advantages: 1. Anti Bacterial 2. Seamless Toe 3. Good Material 4. Comfort 5. Fasionable Pattern Socks can be combined with sneakers, your loafers, Wedges, Higheels and more. Come on, mix socks with your footwear to make it more stylish and maximize your OOTD.
Buy 1 : IDR 100.000/pairs
Enjoy 31% Off Pattern Socks Item IDR 69.000/pairs