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Stripe Socks Stripe Socks is a trendy and contemporary outfit style. Come on Show yourself with motifs from Stripe Socks and will Match with your favorite sports shoes while playing badminton. Stripe Socks from Premium Material are guaranteed to be anti-slippery, anti stretchy and high quality so that your action is more agile and attractive
Stripe Socks Meet Your Needs : # Arch Support : Supports the curve of the foot to flatten pressure to the entire surface of the foot makes the footing more balanced and stable # Toe Cushion : Cushion that is soft to the toe creates perfect comfort when competing badminton # 3 IN 1 RIB : Maintain the initial position of the socks when used so position does not change in action # Heel Cushion : Protects the heel from friction and provides support pads that add comfort when competing Stripe Socks Advantages : 1. Anti Bacterial 2. Seamless Toe 3. Good Material 4. Comfort 5. Fasionable Stripe Socks can be combined with your sports shoes Come on, mix socks with your footwear to make it more stylish and maximize your OOTD.
Buy 1 : IDR 100.000/pairs
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