Walk In Beautifull Ways
With Our Great Sock
Marel Zodiac Socks.
Bandana Socks

Casual socks are perfect for all gender, regardless of whether they are teens,
young adults or middle age.
Cool socks can be nicely used
as a part of daily outfit.
And it goes without saying,
that brave person, who want
to be recognized, can combine colorful socks with their suits.
It will be great socks gift for everyone.

Marel socks offer you 3 differeny color of bandana socks that can be used
when work, sport, Hang out and etc.

We sell you a product with high
quality material Cotton, Nylon, Spandex, And Rubber.

Our Products Benefits :
- Fashionable
- Good Material
- Seamless Toe
- Comfortable to use.

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Have A Great Day!

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