Mid-week activities don’t forget to wear our anti-bacterial socks
to secure your steps.
This stripe series is definitely suit to your style. 
Pattern Socks
As the trend develops, there are many people who like to wear shoes without socks. Many say, socks can make you look out of date. That is wrong ! Socks for footwear have many benefits. Especially for the good of your favorite feet and shoes. The benefit, your feet are not damp and smelly. Socks are one of the essential items that look trendy and contemporary these days. Come on, choose your Stripe socks ...😎

Pattern Socks Meet Your Needs:
# Arch Support : Supports the curve of the foot to flattenpressure to the entire surface of the foot makes the footing more balanced and stable
# Toe Cushion : Cushion that is soft to the toe createsperfect comfort when doing activities
# 3 IN 1 RIB : Maintainthe initial position of the socks does not change during activity
# Heel Cushion : Protects the heel from friction and supports it withpads that add comfort when on the move. 
You can use Pattern Socks for sports, sightseeing, or while working (Multipurpose)

Pattern Socks Advantages:
1. Anti Bacterial
2. Seamless Toe
3. Good Material
4. Comfort
5. Fasionable
Your Pattern Socks can be paired with fantofel shoes, seankers, wedges,higheels, sports shoes and others.
Pair socks with your footwear to make it more stylish and maximize your OOTD.
Buy 1 : Rp. 100.000 -> Rp. 69.000/pairs (31% Off)
Buy 3 : Rp 300.000 -> Rp. 150.000/3pairs