Mens and Womens Basic Socks

Marel Socks

Basic Socks.

Fashion is important to us..
At any moment in time, what’s in fashion speaks to overarching societal trends.

We dream up, draw and design every little detail from our company.
Starting with pen and paper creates a space for imagination, allowing us to experiment and challenge everything, from the perfect construction of a socks, to the product that can you see on our styles.

Marel socks made a socks with cotton, nylon, and rubber with high quality and high quantity We’ve achieved the perfect levels of stretch, softness and comfortable socks with our 85% cotton and 15% Lycra! we produce a socks with European standard machine stitch of a highly elastic material. So we sell for you special socks with different colour and different style.
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Price : IDR 66.000 -> IDR 49.500 /pairs

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